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Boost your erection with the Libido Performa capsules! The capsules stimulate blood flow in your penis, which can make your erection harder and longer lasting, and can make your penis feel more sensitive. How to use: take 1 capsule with a sufficient amount of water about 30 minutes before sexual act..
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Erection SprayEnhace sexual performance..
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Stay Up is a delay cream with a refreshing action to reduce temporarily the sensation of the penis.Play cool to last longer, Stay Up can help you to delay your orgasm thanks to a simple action. Composed mainly of cooling agents it will help to get the penis skin a little less sensitive during a..
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Το τζελ High Octane Booster Ejact Delay περιέχει έλαιο γαρύφαλλου που κάνει το πέος σας λιγότερο ευαίσθητο στις αλλαγές της θερμοκρασίας.Το Booster Ejact Delay Gel είναι μια φόρμουλα που βοηθά στην καθυστέρηση του οργασμού σας. Το τζελ ηρεμεί και δροσίζει το δέρμα.Οδηγίες χρήσηςΕφαρμόστε το πριν από..
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Η Velv'Or AID BeEnduring Penis Delay Cream είναι μια αναζωογονητική κρέμα που βασίζεται σε μια μοναδική φόρμουλα, η οποία καθυστερεί την εκσπερμάτιση. Για μακροχρόνια σεξουαλική ευχαρίστηση και απόλαυση.Η Velv'Or AID BeEnduring έχει μια ελαφριά μουδιάζουσα επίδραση στις προσωπικές περιοχές του άνδρα..
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Silicone serum to delay ejaculation. Anesthetic free Xtra Time Delay Gel is formulated with premium silicone that creates a protection pellicle on the penis decreasing its sensibility, reducing the friction thus prolonging the intercourse time. [MORE_INFO]- high quality silicone anesthetic free- cre..
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Silicone serum to delay ejaculation. Anesthetic free Xtra Time Delay Serum is formulated with premium silicone that creates a protection pellicle on the penis decreasing its sensibility, reducing the friction thus prolonging the intercourse time. [MORE_INFO]- high quality silicone anesthetic free- c..
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Το Bull Power Clove Delay Spray με έλαιο γαρύφαλλου ως μοναδική προσθήκη, παρέχει ένα δροσιστικό αποτέλεσμα στο δέρμα του πέους. Το γαρύφαλλο χρησιμοποιείται εδώ και αιώνες ως σπιτική θεραπεία για την υποστήριξη της καθυστέρησης του οργασμού. Χάρη στην ψυκτική και θρεπτική του δράση, το Bull Power C..
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JoyDrops® Delay Personal Spray helps to delay ejaculation by numbing male organ which reaches to an excessive sensitivity during erection. A pleasant and long-lasting sexual union deepens intimacy between couples. JoyDrops® Delay Personal Spray is compatible with condoms and does not spoil condoms t..
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Πρόκειται για ένα σπρέι που προάγει τη στύση την ίδια στιγμή που επιβραδύνει την εκσπερμάτιση, καθιστώντας τη σεξουαλική σχέση πιο αποτελεσματική και διαρκή. Βασίζεται στις ενεργές αρχές που επιτρέπουν μεγαλύτερη και καλύτερη κυκλοφορία στην περιοχή, πύκνωση και ενίσχυση του μέλους...
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Μεγιστοποιήστε την ευχαρίστηση με το JO PROLONGER GEL, ένα τζελ κανονικής ισχύος που χρησιμοποιεί φυσικά μουδιαστικά συστατικά για να επιβραδύνει την έναρξη της εκσπερμάτισης. Η προσθήκη ελαίου μέντας έχει σχεδιαστεί για να ενισχύει την παρατεταμένη επίδραση, ενώ παράλληλα παρέχει μια φυσική αίσθηση..
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Delaycaps offers help to men who suffer from premature ejaculation. The natural ingredients can allow the neurotransmitter serotonin to be activated within the body. Serotonin is necessary to control the ejaculation, or the orgasm.Suggested use:Take 2 capsules a day, consume with plenty of water.Ing..
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Erecta Extend powerful cream to delay ejaculation. Erecta Extend is formulated with plants with intense refreshing effects (3 different types of mints and eucalyptus). This massage cream helps reduce the sensation of the penis to maintain the erection for longer. Carefully massage the..
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Bathmate Control helps delay an orgasm. The gel prevents overstimulation, so you can keep going longer and enjoy sex or masturbation even more. Bathmate Control is specially designed for people with sensitive skin and only contains natural ingredients. When the gel is applied, it takes about 40 minu..
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Absolutely excellent delay cream for HIM! Can be preventative and effective against premature ejaculation. More pleasure 100% success More sexual endurance, pleasently cool Prolongs love play Very skin-friendly 50 mlIngredients: aqua, alcohol denat., dimethicone, ethylhexyl stearate, menthol, eucaly..
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Rewind Cream: special formula to delay orgasm. Instructions for use: to be used before sexual intercourse. Apply a light layer of cream on the penis and massage. Rewind Touch has a local anesthetic effect, before using it regularly, try the cream by applying a small amount on the forearm...
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Long Time delay cream prolongs pleasure for an even more enjoyable love play. The cream contains nurturing oil and does not contain narcotics such as lidocaine or benzocaine. The special combination of cooling and suppressing natural extracts gives the user a whole new feel and delays an orgasm to m..
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The effect of this cooling and nurturing cream can help delay a premature ejaculation. APPLICATION: Apply a thin layer of cream on the penis under the glans before the desired effect and massage it in.Ingredients: aqua (water), ethylhexyl stearate, dimethicone, laureth-9, pentylene glycol, sodium po..
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Cobeco Delay Cream is a refreshing cream based on a unique formula, which delays the ejaculation. For long lasting sexual pleasure and enjoyment.It has a light numbing effect on the male’s intimate areas and thereby helps to prevent a premature ejaculation.The cream also stimulates the blood flow, w..
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Erekta Plus Lavetra prevents a premature ejaculation, provides more control and gives the ability to enjoy long lasting sexual intercourse.More than 60 percent of men suffer from a premature ejaculation, not to forget their partners.This unique product offers the solution.Helps to delay an ejaculati..
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