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Στενό Προφυλακτικό - Pasante Trim Condom

Στενό Προφυλακτικό - Pasante Trim Condom Sex & Ομορφιά
Στενό Προφυλακτικό - Pasante Trim Condom


A condom should fit properly to be able to enjoy safely and carefree. Sometimes a standard condom is (still) too big. The Pasante Trim condom is a little tighter condom with a nominal width of 49mm (a standard condom has a nominal width of 52 to 56 mm). Prevent a condom from slipping off, by ordering a properly fitted condom!
This condom size is recommended for a penis in erection circumference of 10 to 11 cm.

Pasante Trim condoms are made of natural rubber latex, and have a reservoir and lubricant.

Condom Features:
- Taste: Neutral
- Lubricant: Normal
- Color: Transparent
- Structure: Smooth
- Size: Tighter
- Nominal width: 49 mm
- Thickness: Normal
- Brand: Pasante

Recommended for:
In general every tested condom is safe for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as the fit is good and there is enough lubricant.

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